A throne is only a bench covered in velvet.
Napoleon Boneparte

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This walk starts at Hosey Common (click here for directions).  It goes to Emmetts via Pipers Green and returns via French Street.  If you have dogs, it is not advisable to do this walk during wet weather as dogs are not allowed into the tearoom at Emmetts and there is nowhere outside to shelter.

  • Starting from in front of the old school building, walk north (with the house on your right) and round the end of the buildings.  Ignore the path leading sharply off to the right and walk diagonally across the open space and down a short slope to the road (French Street Lane).  Enter the tarmac drive on the other side of the road, with a fingerpost at the entrance.  Follow the drive as it curves left and then bear right up a footpath (SR306) that leads past a cave with a grille across the entrance.
  • Stay on this path, ignoring a path (SR385) leading off to the right.  Pass through a gate with an equestrian training area to the left and walk straight ahead until you reach a high fence on the other side of a tarmac drive.  Turn left and follow the path past some stables and round to the right until you enter a narrow path with a fence on the right and iron railings on the left.  Continue on this path as it goes fairly steeply downhill into a valley.
  • At the bottom, follow the path round to the right and alongside a ditch then, after about forty yards, turn left up a flight of steps.  At the top of the steps continue straight ahead uphill, ignoring a path off to the right (SR307), until you reach a stile.  Cross the stile and walk up the right hand side of a field to another stile leading out onto a tarmac road.  This is Pipers Green.
  • Turn right onto the road and follow it straight ahead and round a sharp left hand bend.  About fifty yards after the bend, turn right up a short flight of steps to enter an enclosed path with woods on your left and a field on your right.  Continue to the end of the path, where there is a stile on your right, and then follow the path (SR309) as it goes uphill to your left through the woods.  Take the first path off to your right (it has a waymark post at the start) and follow it until you reach a broad track running across downhill from left to right.
  • Turn left onto this path and walk straight ahead until you reach a road (Chart Lane).  Cross the road and follow the path on the other side.  Continue as it climbs gently and approaches a road to your right.  It may be advisable to put your dogs on the lead here as there is nothing to stop them from getting out onto the road.  Eventually, the path bears right at a fence and exits on the road.  Turn left onto the road.  After about forty yards, enter a path that runs off diagonally to your right.  Follow this path dead straight until it crosses another path and reaches a stile.  Cross the stile and go down a short slope beyond and into Emmetts by the tearooms.
  • To return, follow the path back the way you came, initially, back to Emmetts Lane then across and back along the path to Chart Lane and across this.  Eventually you will reach the point where the path goes off to the right that you came from originally.
  • Instead of taking this path, continue straight ahead downhill on the main path.  This path meanders through the woods.  When you come to a barrier across the path at about shoulder height, duck under it and continue ahead (the barrier is only there to stop people on horseback, not walkers).  Continue past a couple of seats carved from tree stumps until you get to the end of the track and you have to turn right and go down a short slope to emerge onto a tarmac road.  You will see a house (Highview Cottage) to your left.
  • Turn right onto the road and follow it (SR310) downhill and round to the left past some stables.  The road then goes steeply uphill through an S-bend (left then right) before levelling out in the little hamlet of French Street.  Walk straight ahead until you reach April Cottage on your left.  Turn left into the entrance immediately before April Cottage (the house sign here says Mannings Wood).  Walk up a gentle slope past the entrance to Mannings Wood and onto a "green lane".
  • As the path bears to the left behind the house, take the waymarked path straight ahead and follow it a short distance to another tarmac road.  Turn right onto this and follow it for a few yards before taking a waymarked path to the left (SR381).  Follow this through the woods, ignoring all side paths.  When the path emerges into a more open area continue along the right hand side of this area and then bear right at another waymark post.  Follow the track beyond back to the parking area from which you started.