Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather
John Ruskin, author, art critic & social reformer

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This walk is one of two from The Green, at Godstone (click here for directions) to The Whyte Harte Inn at Bletchingley.

  • Cross the road from The Green and enter the path to the right of The White Hart.  Enter the path between the White Hart Barn and the St. Nicholas Youth Centre and walk along the tarmac path alongside The Bay Ponds nature reserve.  At the far end, cross Church Road and climb the short flight of steps into the churchyard.  Follow the path to the right of the church and continuing downhill, exiting from the rear of the churchyard at the bottom of the hill.  Follow the path across a footbridge and alongside a lake to your left.  At the end of the lake, bear right until you reach a gate ahead.  Bear left up the hill, keeping to the fence on the right, and at the top of the hill the path bears to the right along a track through some trees.
  • At the far end of the path, you will emerge into an arable field.  Turn right and follow the right-hand field boundary downhill, exiting to the right by a telegraph pole and onto a track.  Turn left onto this track and follow it round to the left alongside a single storey building.  Continue to a barrier across the track with a path leading to the right just after it.  Enter the enclosed path and walk along it, descending to a tarmac road at the end.
  • Turn right onto this road a follow it until you reach a public road (B2236).  This is the road that used to be the A22 until the Godstone by-pass was built.  Turn right onto the road and follow it until you have crossed the end of Church Road.  Then turn left to cross the main road and enter a footpath to the left of a house which is on the corner of a side turning.  Follow this path uphill through the trees.  Continue to the top of the hill and down the other side until you reach a road.
  • Walk down the road to your left for about thirty yards and enter a track leading uphill on the other side of the road.  Follow this track as it goes over a hill and bears right and left to run alongside a wood with a large meadow to your left.  Continue until you come to a stile directly in front of you.  At this point you can do either of two things: Cross the stile and walk straight ahead along the right-hand field boundary, with woods to your right.  Or veer right, then left, immediately before the stile and continue ahead parallel with the other path but just inside the wood.  In both cases you will emerge onto a road.  Turn left onto the road.
  • Continue ahead when the road emerges from the trees until you reach a house on your right with black-painted exposed beams and white stucco walls.  Turn right into the field immediately before the house and follow the left hand field boundary as it goes downhill, then bears right and left uphill to enter an enclosed path.  After you have passed some houses on your right, continue ahead until you reach a road.
  • Turn left onto the road and walk past a house on the left to where the road bears sharply left.  Enter the footpath straight ahead (on the right hand side of the road) and follow it, ignoring all side paths, for just under a half mile until the path bears sharp right and uphill in a gully.  Continue to follow the path when it emerges for the trees and goes straight ahead uphill between fences to meet a path running from right to left and a t-junction.
  • Turn left onto the path and follow it downhill until you read a small pond on your left with an iron railing alongside the path.  Turn right here and enter a field.  Walk along the left hand side of the field until the boundary curves to the right, then pass through an opening in the fence to your left to emerge by a small group of houses.  Walk straight ahead uphill to the road.  Turn right and walk about one hundred yards to meet the A25 in Bletchingley.  The Whyte Harte is to your left and the Prince Albert is on the corner to your right.