Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours.
Yogi Berra (American baseball coach)

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This walk starts from the Whyte Harte Inn, in Bletchingley, and is the return route for the above two walks.

  • Cross the A25 and enter the churchyard.  Follow the path diagonally across the churchyard and down the short flight of steps to the side road.  Turn left and walk along the road until you have passed the side turning on the left and descend the short flight of steps in the bank, cross the road and walk up the short slope into the car park of the golf course.  Keep dogs on the lead while crossing the golf course.
  • The route through the golf course is quite well signposted.  Initially, walk straight ahead and then turn left at the fingerpost to walk between the rows of cars.  At the far side of the car park, walk through the gap onto the golf course proper and then bear right and continue ahead for about one hundred yards before bearing left to enter an avenue between two rows of saplings.  At the end of the rows of saplings, enter a path that runs between two rows of bushes.  It may be muddy here.
  • At the far end of the rows of bushes, where the ground falls away to the right to a tee, bear left and uphill to the top of the bank, then bear right and follow the track downhill.  Walk past the track off to the right to a tee and the green to the left and enter a stand of trees.  The path winds through the trees before exiting at the far end. From here, follow the path as it bears over towards the left.  Ahead you will see a black-painted fence.  The stile leading out of the golf course is just beyond it.
  • After crossing the stile, turn right and follow the sandy track.  It initially runs straight for two to three hundred yards.  Then it curves left and right, then left and right again, before running straight for about two hundred yards again.  Then it bears sharp right and runs straight to a road beside a house.
  • Turn left onto the road and follow it past a road crossing, through some trees and past a house on the left before running between bushes.  When you are about one hundred yards before a large farm building on the right, cross a stile to your right and enter a large field.
  • Walk diagonally to your right across the field to aim for a gap between two low mounds at the far side.  When you reach the gap, pass through a kissing gate and walk along the path beyond.  Cross a tarmac road, go down a short slope and cross a stile to enter a path between fences through some trees.
  • At the far end of the path, exit into a grassy field.  Follow the path gently left and over a hill towards a kissing gate in the left hand boundary of the field.  Once through the gate, turn right and follow the track downhill to pass between some houses and to emerge on the A25 on the western side of Godstone Green.  Cross the green to the car park.