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A dog

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This walk is one of three from The Green, at Godstone (click here for directions) to The Barley Mow, at Tandridge.  The Barley Mow is a very dog-friendly pub.  The three walks are also described in the opposite direction.  "Mix and match" them to make the circular walk of your choice.

  • Cross the road from The Green and enter the path to the right of The White Hart.  Enter the path between the White Hart Barn and the St. Nicholas Youth Centre and walk along the tarmac path alongside The Bay Ponds nature reserve.  At the far end, cross Church Road and enter the churchyard.  Follow the path to the right of the church and continuing downhill, exiting from the rear of the churchyard at the bottom of the hill.  Follow the path across a footbridge and alongside a lake to your left.  At the end of the lake, bear right until you reach a gate ahead.  Bear left up the hill, keeping to the fence on the right, and at the top of the hill the path bears to the right along a track through some trees.
  • At the far end of the path, you will emerge into an arable field.  Turn right and follow the right-hand field boundary downhill, exiting to the right by a telegraph pole and onto a track.  Turn left onto this track and follow it round to the left alongside a single storey building.  Continue to a barrier across the track with an enclosed path to the right just after it.  Enter the path and follow it, descending to a tarmac road at the end.
  • Turn left onto this road and follow it downhill to a stream.  Cross the stream either by fording it (it should not be deep) or on the bridge to the left.  Continue ahead, with a fence on your right, up and over a hill until you reach a kissing gate.  Pass through this gate a walk ahead until you emerge onto the grass verge of the A22.  There is fast moving traffic on this road, so keep your dog under control.
  • Cross the road and go through the wooden kissing gate.  Walk straight ahead along the left hand side of a field and. when the hedge to your left ends, continue to follow the track over a hill and then down and through a gap in the hedge ahead of you.  Once through the gap, the track continues uphill and passes to the left of a tree.  At the far side of the field you will pass between two houses and emerge onto a road (Tandridge Lane).  Cross the road and turn right.
  • The Barley Mow is a few yards along, on your left.  The Ramblers Rest bar is at the rear of the pub and there should be buckets of water outside for washing the worst of the mud off your boots.