From man’s sweat and God’s love, beer came into the world.
Saint Arnold of Metz

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This is one of the routes from The Barley Mow back to The Green, at Godstone.

  • Turn left onto the road outside the pub and, after a quarter of a mile, cross the road and enter the path on the other side which has a stile and a dog door.  Follow the path straight ahead along the left hand side of the field until you reach the corner, then bear left downhill, crossing another stile and continuing to a bridge across a stream.
  • Walk ahead across a small field and cross the stile on the far side.  Continue straight ahead along the right hand side of the field, gently uphill, and cross a stile at the far end in some trees to enter another field.  Turn left and follow the field boundary round to the right and then straight ahead along the left hand side of the field to another stile.
  • Once across this stile, pass to the right of the bush in front of you and then head diagonally to the right across the field to a gap in the hedge on the far side.  Once through this gap, walk straight ahead across the field and cross the stile at the far side to exit onto a road (A22).  Watch out here, as this road is very busy.
  • Turn left and walk along the footway for a few yards until you reach Wonham Place.  Cross the road and enter the footpath on the far side.  Once in the field, walk diagonally to your left across the field to a stile on the far side.  Cross this stile and enter the corner of another field.  Walk diagonally to your right, gently uphill, across this field to a gap in the trees.  Once through the gap, continue in the same direction, still uphill but slightly steeper, until you reach a gate and a stile on the far side.
  • Cross the stile and turn right onto the path beyond.  Follow the path downhill.  At the bottom of the hill, pass through a gate (ignoring the footpath off to the right) and continue following the path, now uphill, in a gully through some trees.  At the top of the hill turn sharp left and continue ahead until you reach another path running downhill from left to right.  You are now on Tilburstow Hill.
  • Turn right onto this path and follow it downhill, through a barrier at the bottom and past a house on your left, emerging onto a road at a junction.  Cross the road and turn right.  This road is what used to be the A22 before the Godstone bypass opened.  Follow the road ahead and enter a tarmac drive on the left opposite a works entrance.
  • Follow the drive for about fifty yards and bear left uphill into an enclosed path.  Follow the enclosed path to its end and exit onto the track beyond.
  • Turn left and walk back past the house on your left and round the bend to the right.  Turn right and enter the field by the telegraph pole.  Turn left in the field and follow the left hand field boundary.  Go past the path off to the left (from which you exited or your way to Tandridge) and continue to follow the field boundary uphill, then left, downhill and to the right, until you reach the corner of the field.  If you have dogs with you, watch them closely here as there is an ungated gap leading directly out onto the A22 at this point.
  • Turn left into the trees and follow the path until you emerge into the churchyard.  Follow the path along the right hand side of the graveyard, round to the right of the church, and then straight ahead to Church Lane.  Turn left across the road and then turn right into the tarmac path which leads back past The Bay Ponds to the White Hart and The Green.