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This is one of the routes from The Barley Mow back to The Green, at Godstone.

  • Turn right onto the road outside the pub and, after a few yards, cross the road and enter the path on the other side.  Follow it straight ahead into a field, and across this field, until you go downhill and through a gap in the trees.
  • Continue straight ahead up a hill, passing just to the left of a telegraph pole.  Ahead you will see some bushes.  Aim just to the left of them and then continue ahead with the bushes on your right until you reach a wooden kissing gate leading out onto the A22.  Cross the road and enter the path on the other side.
  • Follow this path, keeping the fence on your left, over a hill and then down to a small stream, which you can either ford or cross by a small wooden bridge.  Follow the tarmac road beyond and then double back to your right and up a short slope into an enclosed path.  Follow this its end, exiting onto the track beyond.
  • Turn left and walk back past the house on your left and round the bend to the right.  Turn right and enter the field by the telegraph pole.  Turn left in the field and follow the left hand field boundary.  Go past the path off to the left (from which you exited or your way to Tandridge) and continue to follow the field boundary uphill, then left, downhill and to the right, until you reach the corner of the field.  If you have dogs with you, watch them closely here as there is an ungated gap leading directly out onto the A22 at this point.
  • Turn left into the trees and follow the path until you emerge into the churchyard.  Follow the path along the right hand side of the graveyard, round to the right of the church, and then straight ahead to Church Lane.  Turn left across the road and then turn right into the tarmac path which leads back past The Bay Ponds to the White Hart and The Green.