Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost

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This walk starts from the car park next to St Silvan’s Church at Grid Reference TQ410487. Click here for directions. It has two stiles, both reasonably easy and with dog doors, and one gate. If you are not going to make the pub stop, there are no stiles or gates. The distance is 3 miles, but two and a quarter miles if you leave out the pub stop.
1.    Enter the path opposite the car park entrance.  Take the first path to the left then continue bearing left until you are following the path along the side of the woods, with a field to your left outside the woods.  On your way, you will see a building to your left which is standing on stone "mushrooms". This is an old grain store and the mushrooms are to stop rats getting in.


       When you see a field directly ahead, with a stile, follow the path round to the right before the stile and downhill inside the woods,.
2.    Continue walking downhill, still inside the woods and ignoring the path off to the right, and on past the end of the field to your left.
3.    Go straight ahead at the cross path with a sign saying “Staffhurst Woods – welcome”.
4.    Bear right at a way mark post, ignoring the path ahead and, when you reach a house, follow the path round to the right before it and through a barrier.
5.    Continue ahead until you reach a wide path with a barrier across the path ahead. Turn left before the barrier and follow the wide path, past a circular brick structure to your left, until you reach a road (Staffhurst  Woods Road).
6.    Cross the road and take the bridle path ahead until you reach a path to the left with a barrier across it to stop horses.
7.    Turn left through the barrier, and follow the path beyond gently uphill to the left.
8.    When you see a field ahead and to the right, continue gently downhill to the left of the field.  Then take right turns so that you walk around the field but staying inside the woods.  The path becomes a firm stony track.
9.    Follow the track until you pass a seat on your right.  Then, a few yards further on, where the path divides at a tree, take the path to the right of the tree.  The path here is a little indistinct but continue ahead until you see a pond, about twenty yards square, on the other side of a track.
10.   Walk along the left hand side of the pond, ignore the path uphill to the right, and continue across what at first looks like a bridge but is actually a walkway across some boggy ground.
11.   On the far side of the “bridge” follow the path gently uphill and continue to a junction where the path curves left and goes downhill and a way marked path goes uphill to the right.
12.   Turn right and follow this path, meandering through the trees, until you exit onto a wide path that slopes downhill to the right.

At this point, you have a decision to make.  Do you want to go to the pub, or not?  If you don’t, then turn right and continue from step 19.  Otherwise
13.   Turn left and walk gently uphill to a road (Dwelly Lane).  Cross the road diagonally to the right and enter the footpath beyond.  Follow it to a stile.
14.   Cross the stile and walk straight ahead along the left hand side of the field to a gate at the far end.
15.   Go through the gate into a large field and look diagonally to your right.  You will see a tree on the horizon that looks as though it belongs in a Japanese print.
16.   Walk straight towards it, crossing one more stile, and walk ahead to the left of the hedge, and round to the left to a field gate near the tree.
17.   Go through the gate and the pub car park is immediately to your right.

If you wish to take the quick route back to the starting point, turn right out of the pub and walk about a quarter of a mile along the road to the junction near St Silvan’s Church.  To return through the woods,
18.   Walk back the way you came until you have crossed Dwelly Lane and entered the woods opposite.  Continue  until you reach the junction where you came from the right.
19.   Carry on down the hill until the path curves left and reaches the pond you passed earlier.  Walk back past the pond and then bear left uphill, following the path through the woods.
20.   Where you reach a cross path with a barrier ahead, go through the barrier and continue ahead until you reach a way mark post.
21.   Look to your right and you will see the car park.