A vigorous five mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world.
Paul Dudley White

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This walk starts on The Green, at Westerham (click here for directions) and goes to the Carpenters Arms via Goodley Stock Woods.  The return is partly along the same route.

  • Cross the A25 to the south side, and climb the flight of steps into Water Lane (SR351). Walk to the end of the path and exit through a gate into the fields.  Turn right and follow the path (SR350) along the back of the town until you pass through a gate and go up a couple of steps to Mill Lane.  Turn left and walk until you reach a house (Park Lodge) on your right.  Turn right immediately after the house onto a footpath that runs uphill (SR353)
  • Follow this path between fences until you reach a stile.  Climb the stile and cross the open field ahead to another stile, after which the path runs through a copse to a stile leading onto a track.  (The path off to the left is SR356).
  • Walk straight across the track and continue ahead into the woods.  Follow this path, ignoring all side paths, for just under a kilometre until a broad track leads off to the right.  A road (Goodley Stock) will be visible at the far end.  Walk to the road and cross it.  A private road leads straight ahead, with a bridle path (SR355) to the right.  Follow this path until you emerge onto Limpsfield Chart at the far end.  This point is on the Kent/Surrey border and there is a block of stone to your right with a plate stating that this is the mid-point of the Greensand Way.
  • There are five paths leading from here (excluding the one behind you).  Take the path immediately to your left (path 36, Surrey numbering) and follow it for about 500 metres to a cross path with a mature tree growing in the centre of the junction.
  • Turn right and follow a broad track for another 500 metres until it bears sharp right.  Continue for another 200 metres until a path (37) cuts across.  Turn left onto this path (there is a sign at the entrance saying "Limpsfield Common") and follow it, at first on fairly rough ground and then on a firm track, until you reach a road (Moorhouse Lane) .  Just before you reach Moorhouse Lane there are a couple of paths off to the right.  Ignore them and go past the left of the trees.  The Carpenters Arms is straight ahead down Tally Road.

The return route to follows the outward route for part of the way.

  • Turn left out of the pub and walk back along Tally Road.  At the junction with Moorhouse Lane, cross the road and walk ahead onto The Chart along the route you came on (37).  When you emerge onto the broad track, do not turn right back along the path you came on but walk straight across onto the continuation of path 37.
  • The path is part of the Greensand Way.  Follow it across The Chart, turning right when you join another path and then crossing a broad track on the way, until you emerge onto another broad track.  There are four paths at this point.  One ahead and slightly to the left, one to the right, one behind and to the right and one to the left.  Take the path ahead a slightly left and follow this for about 150 metres.  This will bring you back to the point where you first came onto The Chart (on the County boundary).
  • Ignore the two paths off to the left and take the one ahead and to the left of the path you entered The Chart from.  This is SR355 (you are now back in Kent).  Follow this track gently downhill for about 400 metres and turn right just before the path emerges from the trees.  Continue along this path for about 200 metres, until you reach the road (Goodley Stock again).
  • Cross the road and enter the woods ahead.  Follow the path off to the left through the trees until it joins another track.  This is the path (SR353) that walked along just after you entered Goodley Stock Woods.
  • Turn left.  The way back is the reverse of the first two paragraphs.