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George Carlin

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O/S Grid Reference:  TQ518615    (click on the Grid Ref. for a map)

Postcode: TN14 7SR

By road:  From the bottom of Poll Hill, cross the M25 bridge and turn left onto Pilgrims Way West.  Take the first left into Filston Lane and continue into Shoreham.  The car park is on the right just before the junction with Church Road.

Note - The first part of Filston Lane from Pilgrims Way West is narrow, with a deep dip, and it can be difficult to pass vehicles going the other way (buses use this road).  To avoid a possible holdup, continue along Pilgrims Way West after Filston Lane and take the next turning on the left (Twitton Lane).  This rejoins Flston Lane after the dip and you can then turn right onto Filston Lane.

Also note - If the car park gets full, there is some limited parking in the surrounding streets.