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O/S Grid Reference:  TQ473301    (click on the Grid Ref. for a map)

The car park is at the junction of the B2026 and B2188

Postcode: TN6 1XE Note : this is the nearest postcode - but it refers to some houses almost a mile away to the North East of the car park. If you sat-nav it to this postcode then you will need to avoid turning into the private road that leads to the houses, but continue southwards on the B2188 until you pass a sign for a junction with the B2026 (Uckfield) - turn left at this junction and the car park will be immediately on the left.

By road:

From Westerham: This is easy as the Kings Standing car park is just off the B2026, which starts in Westerham.  Take the B2026 (Hosey Hill) and follow this road through Crockham Hill and Edenbridge.  Make a left and a right across the A264 (Tunbridge Wells to East Grinstead) road and continue to Hartfield.  Turn right at the T-junction, drive through Hartfield and, after the width restriction at the far end of the village, take the first left (still B2026).  Follow this road across Ashdown Forest - it is essentially Heathland. You will pass a white road-sign pointing to a junction of the B2026 to Uckfield (straight ahead bearing right), and a very sharp left pointing to the B2188 to Tunbridge Wells. Pass this junction - and then the Kings Standing car park is immediately past the junction on the left. There is very often an ice cream van parked clearly visible in the car park (though it's not guaranteed to be there).

There are a lot of car parks in the area - but as well as the (probable) Ice Cream van, there is a small low down wooden sign by the entrance that says 'Kings Standing' (though you cant really read it until you have started to turn into the car park.

Note : From Westerham the drive should take a bit under 40 minutes.